Bob Arno is a world renowned pickpocket comedian and Las Vegas showman. He has called himself the worlds best pickpocket and can embarrass an entire crowd of people on stage expecting his moves. He has done well to show the skill required to perform this art, and using his abilities to help educate people to be responsible in protecting their belongings.

On a trip to Naples, Bob was becoming a friends to a group of real thieves who were amazed by his story and skills. He works to gain their trust to show their secrets and routine to the world. However, he seemed to get carried away and showed the lead thief a stage trick which involves stealing a belt off a victim’s waist. It is clear that the thief took interest in this as many tourists wear money-belts. Not only did Bob show this trick but he then proceeded to teach the man step-by-step.

It is feared now that Bob has accidentally cost dozens of tourists their belts when simply he was sharing his artwork with a new friend. It is interesting that Bob’s artwork based on a criminal act has serious real life consequences that could have resulted in a new wave of theft for the tourists of Naples.

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Josh Brennan

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