4 in 5 adult men have probably jerked off to this magazine sometime in their life. To them, it’s like, who doesn’t love to flip through pages of naked women, am I right?

It all started in 1953 when Hugh Hefner placed a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe on the front page of his first ever Playboy magazine. The abundance of copies sold struck a movement adhering to the male population’s desires and pleasures. However, behind the admired Playboy franchise were demeaning and criminal acts that are still not stopped to this day. Hugh Hefner is the man to thank for this. What some saw recently as a loss of an absolute icon, others saw as the death of an abuser and a sexual predator.

Growing up, I never cared about my external image until I came to college. As social media became more pertinent in my life, the subject of judgement and expectations of looks became more and more real. The magazines and media play a large role in forming this desired look in women causing them to feel like they must constantly try to fulfill this desire. Hefner wanted people to appreciate the art that is women and the sex appeal that emanates from them through his Playboy magazines.

The house he lived in, the Playboy mansion, played a large role in this franchise as he paid models to live in the mansion. There he conducted his famous Playboy parties where women in bikinis walked around and there were many men to appreciate them with Hugh. Women were soon transformed into sexual objects as they had sex with Hefner in order to elevate to a higher social status. Rules were placed in the mansion

So far, to many this may not seem criminal, just a gross passion. However, there are multiple accounts of heinous acts committed by the Playboy mogul that really stand out. One of his ex-girlfriends stated that he convinced the women in the house to take drugs such as Quaaludes before engaging in an orgy. In addition, having sex with Hefner meant receiving food and luxurious living in return which was something all the women were willing to have. This loss of individuality and demeaning image of women was overlooked by the admirable status of Playboy in general. Let us not forget the fact that Monroe was opposed to the selling of copies in the first place. Just look at all the fraternities over the nation who still conduct Playboy themed parties.

The art of Playboy will always be associated with the body of women, never the sexual predation of Hugh Hefner.

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Parnaz Rezaie Boroon

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