How to Fix a Drug Scandal – Chemists Gone Wild!

In this Netflix documentary, two forensic chemists are caught going rogue in Massachusetts. Sonja Farak becomes addicted to the drugs she is testing and Annie Dookhan writes up fake drug analyses and altars samples. The behavior of these two chemists leaves Massachusetts criminal justice systems in a mess of trouble with up to 50,000 cases on the line. Prosecutors even try to cover it up leaving possible innocent people in jail.

One defense attorney, Luke Ryan, raises to the challenge and calls out the prosecutors on their mishandled investigation of Sonja Farak’s misconduct and not handing over critical evidence to the defense that could free their clients.

Forensic chemists should be held to higher standards in terms of conduct and Farak’s drug addiction shouldn’t have gone unnoticed for more than eight years. Drug testing chemists regularly and double-checking each other’s work could prevent this whirlwind of trouble that it cost the Massachusetts criminal justice system.

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Shannon Stump

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