Euphoria is a groundbreaking, new series produced by HBO that sheds light on a variety of issues that plague adolescents. Most notably, the show follows protagonist, Rue, who finds herself struggling with a drug addiction even after having been to rehab. The graphic, raw portrayal of her experience with hard drugs make this show controversial and simultaneously very popular.

Given the blunt nature of the program, one has to wonder whether the light Euphoria sheds on substance dependence is dangerous and unnecessary, or if it is actually the contrary. Sure, we all know drugs are illegal and deleterious, but given the lack of attention this matter receives in everyday life, is Euphoria exactly what we as a society needed to begin to discuss the severity of substance abuse? Humanizing the experience might have been the key to beginning very necessary conversations and exposing what some people really go through. I would also like to highlight a casting decision of theirs. Rue is played by Zendaya, a very prominent and influential figure in today’s media. This seems like a very purposeful, calculated move that might have done wonders for the advertisement and consumption of Euphoria and the digestion of the issues highlighted in this show.

I have linked a trailer of the show if you are curious to take a look.

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Belen Robles

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