My Favorite Murder is a podcast hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, where they talk about murder while using comedy to offset the horrible events they speak about. Some people find this disturbing as nothing is funny about murder, and others enjoy it because it makes it more comfortable for them to talk about. While murder can be this taboo topic, some very much enjoy learning and hearing about murder events. Georgia and Karen helped to foster this community of “murderinos” where everyone feels like it’s a safe place to speak about their passion and interest in murder. Georgia and Karen don’t use their comedy in a way that disrespects their victims, but more so making jokes at the perpetrators expense and the situations around the murder. They have both received criticism for the work they produce, but many of the victims they have spoken about or family members of victims reach out to express their gratitude for the way they speak about their attempted murder and/or murder. In fact, Karen and Georgia do live shows and some people who have been affected by the stories they talk about attend the live shows to show support. This podcast is also informative as we learn where laws like Megan’s law and Amber alerts come from. Being a murderino myself, it can be hard to explain to someone on the outside the pull of the podcast as you immediately get labeled a deviant who likes murder, when that isn’t the case. It is not about liking murder, but the wickedness, or forbideness, behind why these people commit these acts.

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Annaiza Castellanos

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