‘Don’t Look Now,’ written by Max Manning, is a book I recently picked up that delves deep into ethics and crime. In the book, a murderer takes photos of his victim right before he kills them and after. He then posts the photos onto social media and gains a huge following. I found the concept of this interesting because it made me ponder what I would do. In the book, thousands of people had seen the photos and proceeded to like, comment, and share it. There’s this notion in society that murder is taboo and off limits to view or talk about, but this book shows the other side. It portrays societies craving for experiencing the dark side by allowing themselves to view these photos purely for entertainment. Is this ethical? Does society have a right to view photos like these, such as war fatalities? I balance between yes and no, but mostly sway no. I don’t think it’s right, but I can admit I do have a morbid fascination. It’s even interesting to me that there’s a book I’m consuming about this topic. Is that wrong? I guess it’s hard to know where the line gets drawn, is it wrong purely because it is visual? What about reading a persons tragic story about their end? The most important question to ask is…. would you click?

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Annaiza Castellanos

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