The mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand strongly portrays the use of social media and crime. The shooter, Brenton Tarrant, murdered 50 people and wounded 50 more in a terrifying terrorist attack.

Tarrant broadcasted his bloody rampage on a Facebook livestream feed.

In a clip from the attack, the first victim Mohemmed Daoud Nabi, a 71-year-old from war-torn Afghanistan, is heard saying a warm hearted greeting to Tarrant…”Hello Brother.” The white supremacist then took his gun and began his reign of terror starting first with him. Those words however, have been echoed deeply around the world.

The horrible attack has left a wound on the the muslim community that can not be forgotten. In an act of remembrance for he victims and the good natured heart of Nabi, the words “Hello Brother” have been given a strength they have not ever had before.

The phase “Hello Brother” has appeared scribbled all across New Zealand, been tweeted around the world, and written on placards held by mourners at Nabi’s funeral.

The deadly attack has proven to be an unlikely opportunity to show solidarity to the muslim community. Trying to use this horrible attack for some sort of good.

The terrorist used social media to show destruction but Muslim’s are using it as a platform to fight islamophobes, standing united together saying “Hello Brother.”

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Kaylee Fisher

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