After reading multiple articles about loving and accepting your body no matter what your weight is or your size, and several articles about obesity, it has come to my mind that society is trying to normalize obesity without considering that obesity continues to be a disease, not something to be proud of. I want to clarify that I am not saying that people should not love themselves if they are a little overweight, everyone should love themselves but that’s why it’s important to take care. Also, I am not saying that everyone should look like the Victoria Secret models, everyone has their own different body type, and everyone should love themselves beyond how they look, but the important thing to discuss in here is that we should all take care of ourselves and not normalize a disease, which in this case I’m referring to obesity. This can also work in the same way for anorexia, it shouldn’t be accepted and seeing someone extremely skinny should be concerning to everyone.

However, the main argument is that obesity, a disease, as days go by, seems to be normal for everyone, the obesity rate continues to increase every day and all I see everywhere is “love yourself,” and I believe however is using those inspiring words doesn’t really understand the concept. Yes, loving yourself is important, and loving yourself is also accepting yourself, but loving yourself is also taking care of yourself. It is important that everyone understands that obesity comes with many consequences, such as hypertension, diabetes, reduces the quality of an individual’s live, produces different types of cancer, and so much more. Again, I am not saying normal means to be skinny, I am saying that was is normal, or correct, should be according to each individuals’ personal body max index, according to each individuals’ height and age. Normalizing something that shouldn’t be normal implicates that the tendencies in this particular disease, primarily overweight, will continue to increase in larger amounts, meaning obesity rates will go up and so will the consequences. The bad thing about this situation is that we as a society, are making an obesity friendly world just because we don’t want to lower anyone’s self-esteem or avoid stigmatizing anyone because they are overweight, but the truth is that neither should happen. We can’t normalize obesity and we can’t judge and penalize those who suffer from obesity, but what we can do is help them, for their own health.

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mariela escobar

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