Amazon recently released a new docuseries on rapper Meek Mill and his struggle going through the American justice system. At age 19, Robert Rihmeek Williams, aka Meek Mill, was arrest for intent to distribute and possession of weapons. After serving 8 months in jail, Meek Mill had 7 years of probation which proved to be very tumultuous. The docuseries exposes some of the social injustices the African American population faces. One aspect that intrigued me how much power judges possess. At one point of Meek’s legal struggles his judge had him incarcerated against the suggestion of both is parole officer and the DA office. This then begs the question, do judges hold too much power when it comes to parole hearings? At one point, Meek’s legal team tried to petition a replacement judge, but could not even though there were clear conflicts of interest. Another point that was brought out during the documentary was the extent to which Meek’s parole, governed his life and limited his professional career.

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Cristal Cabrera

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