If Your Content On The Internet Is Copied, Is It Considered Stealing?

The Beauty community of the internet seems to always have a new drama every week, usually related to scandals or content. The majority of “cancel culture” in the beauty community is centered around content stealing. If your content is shared on the internet for everyone to see, is it considered stealing if someone else uses it? Many people in this community believe so. The best way to accommodate this is to credit the original creator as an inspiration. While I do believe that it is important to credit the original creator, people copy each other all the time in this community and many others. Where I believe people draw the line is when large influencers copy and exploit the work of smaller, usually, more talented creators. This is especially true when it is a smaller POC creator being exploited by a larger non POC. Most recently, this has happened with an editing style of a content creator by the name of Chelsie (@wvrthy on Twitter) who is a POC influencer. Her unique editing style was copied by two large influencers who did not credit her style, causing outrage amongst the beauty community. Is it considered stealing? While content is readily available, it is obvious to see who started and created a certain style. If it is something obviously unique to a creator, it should be credited to them.

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Anya Lind

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