Black Celebrities and Black Lives Matter

This article presents artist A$AP Rocky’s response to recirculation of his 2015 interview with Time Out. The public seems to be upset with his lack of action involving police brutality of African Americans. Not every black person needs to speak out on behalf of the black community in these times of aggravated oppression. Especially someone who does not have something valuable to add to the cause because A$AP Rocky doesn’t feel like these troubles are prevalent in his life. And that’s okay. Some people give a lot of weight to celebrities’ views and political positions. Their platform does not need to be used when they have nothing to say on the matter because it can be counterintuitive to the cause. There are plenty of others who want to participate in the protests of the unjust brutality taking place. A$AP has more concern in black on black crime and may be willing to speak on such problems. There are many issues needing to be addressed and not everyone has to be involved with all of them.

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