Everywhere you go you see some form of graffiti, either a tag, a sticker, a bombing or a quick throw up on a wall. Graffiti has been around for many years now and has continuously evolved throughout time. The roots of graffiti tie back to the streets of Chicago and New York where bored kids would vandalize everything and anything just to get notice or “stay up.” During this era graffiti was everywhere. You would see trains after trains covered in huge bombings top to bottom with the writer’s name. Many have viewed this form of graffiti as a tasteless form of art that must be criminalized. If we fast forward to the present time you see graffiti in art galleries making big bucks. In downtown Miami it has been used to bring in tourists. As soon as you step into the streets of downtown Miami, there’s graffiti all over the place including every inch on the floor. So what’s the difference? How is it that one form of graffiti is recognized as street art and the other as vandalism. Is it because one is in a showroom or considered legal while the other is covering billboards?

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Amanda Lua

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