In recent decades many high end brands have been known to display risque advertisements. Advertisements such as this designed to play into individuals urges to feel adventurous and even deviant. Advertisements such as this allows for controversy due to the long lasting opium crisis this world has faced. Yves Saint Laurent’s ability to make drug use seem sleek and pretty in this advertisement proves that without very much thought, people are drawn to products that seem deviant in themselves.

Today the opium crisis is still growing strong with over one hundred people dying each day due to opioid overdoses. The department of Health and Human services as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recognize this as a public health emergency. Knowing that these drugs are causing much devastation to the public, why are companies still using it to their benefit? And why are they getting away with it? Drugs such as opioids are very addictive substances and should be taken with caution even when prescribed by a doctor. For a recovering addict something as simple as this advertisement could actually cause them to relapse.

Yves Saint Laurent is a broadly known brand and has a big presence in the consumer market. This particular choice of perfume name has made a step to normalize the use of drugs and from the consumers perspective shows that using this perfume is like using drugs making it sexy and fun. Companies are just after the profit as any business is, but there needs to be a cultural shift in the way advertisements are made as well as products names. Companies should make their products and advertisements with the aspect of bettering society not playing into the downfalls of the public. There is no doubt that this product will sell, but the consumer should note the meaning of this product and what power it has on the subconscious.

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Chloe King

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