Promotion of Male Products at Females’ Expense

It has been a long lasting fact that women are continuously sexualized in all forms of promotion. These advertising images that sexualize women are a part of a series of events towards normalizing this sexualization.

This ad in particular uses the sexuality and femininity of women to promote a male shaving tool. The fact that this product is not even meant to be used by females but still uses them for promotion shows their efforts to attract the male demographic by portraying women as sexual objects and, therefore implying the male dominance complex.

This advertisement furthers the objectivity of women by showing that if a man were to purchase this product he can then feel empowered and be dominant over his lady. By using a female to promote this product it accentuates her value as an object to be pleasured. With the continuation of companies to portray the female body as a tool to target male consumers creates the consequence of the female body being the object for satisfaction.

This advertisement also uses the female to test the males level of masculinity. The newspaper states “we save balls”, in front of a female in a baseball setting. While this is a very well crafted play on words it is also degrading to males. This component of the advertisement insinuates that men’s “balls” need saving and the sexuality of this woman and product are the way to achieve it.

Overall, this company throughout most of its advertisements have chosen to cater to the male dominant demographic in a sense that if you want your man card you need this product. In order to end this male dominant and female submissive stereotype companies need to stray away from this type of promotional advertising and gear towards a less sexual perspective. There is no reason a male shaving product should be advertised by a female.

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Chloe King

One thought on “Promotion of Male Products at Females’ Expense

  1. This is so on point! The way they use the woman as an accessory not only to men but to objects related to men as well is almost a hyper-objectification of the “female” form/identity. She becomes both a reason for men to consume AND another consumable product for men. It seems like it would be such an outdated marketing tactic, but I guess sex will always sell.

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