Narcocorrido Banda and Its Dangers: Kicked Out of Tijuana by Cartel

Narcoculture has become increasingly widespread and is just one of many facets in the mainstream media. This is especially evident when it comes to music by Mexican bandas (bands). Some of these bandas dedicate their time to playing and singing about the cartel and narcoculture, and they are even known as ‘Narcocorrido bandas.’ The narcocorrido musical genre encompasses organized crime, highlighting the life that it entails, specifically, and in relation to the drug war in Mexico. The lyrics often speak of loyalty, money, love, violence, and drugs.

However, being a narcocorrido singer comes with its risks. Recently, a famous Mexican group, Grupo Arriesgado, set to perform last month (on February 11) in Tijuana was threatened only days before their concert by the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación. The cartel left a message the night before the event. One of the messages was addressed directly to Arturo González, the lead singer of the group:

“You’re not in your territory here. You have hours to leave Tijuana, or else. So, go grab your gun and your radio and go back to where you are allowed to sing your songs. Because if you stay here, you’re going to get fucked.”

This message was hanging from an overpass at one of the city’s main intersections. In addition, several shots were fired by unknown gunmen at a Tijuana mall during an autograph signing by the group. The gunfire caused panic among the attendees and forced the group to immediately leave the premises.

Why the threats and, consequently, the cancellation of their concert? On top of their fame as musicians, Grupo Arriesgado is associated with Sinaloa and has been accused of links to the Sinaloa Cartel. Following the incarceration of Sinaloa Cartel leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Jalisco Cartel has stepped up its efforts to control territory in Tijuana, which is a border city and major drug trafficking route. Naturally, with the group’s ties, this threat was to be expected and this news was unsurprising to many, considering the cartel’s immense hold and power over Mexican civilians and its government.

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One thought on “Narcocorrido Banda and Its Dangers: Kicked Out of Tijuana by Cartel

  1. This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time something like this happens, unfortunately. At the very least no one died. Narcocorrido’s direct association with cartels puts each and every member of the band and their families at great risk of violence every day. I’m genuinely very surprised they get off with a warning. Groups like Nueva Generacion are notoriously violent.

    I would like to point out how brazen it is to sign your threat of violence against someone. Clearly (and sadly) these groups hold far too much power over their respective regions.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sinaloa Cartel retaliates in some way. Having your guy violated like that can bring pretty serious consequences, especially from one hot-headed group to another. This cycle of violence will just keep going, I guess, and innocent people will continue to get caught in the crossfire.

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