This song titled, I’m sorry mama, by rapper Eminem, is a song that he writes about his relationship he had with his mother as a child. He expresses out his anger and tells her everything he wanted her to know. He speaks his frustration out and tells the world how much he hates his mother and father for treating him like crap and for neglecting him. It is a pretty touching song that has you thinking about how crewel some parents can be with their children. But why do it in a rap song? Well as we all know, rappers and singers all have a specie talent in them. To make their music more interesting and catchy, they like to tell the world who they once where and who they are now. Most famous rappers don’t start off wealthy, in fact most of them come from the ghetto. Singing is a way for rappers to express all their feelings and thoughts that they have. Most rappers like Eminem are aways rapping about murders, drugs, violence, and cruelty. We know that the crimes they have done in the past are wrong, but for some reason most of us do not care. We instead like to listen to their type of art (singing), we like to follow them, and we become their fans.

#eminem #rap #domesticviolence

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