In South London a group of artist were jailed because they graffiti a wall. As you can see the picture includes a brown wall with a police officer taking a picture next to a dog and words being painted which is “One Nation Under CCTV”, by a teen in a red sweater. Graffiti artist, when they get caught of vandalizing a wall they get sent to jail for the crime, the courts and police treat it the same as violence, terrorism, knives or drugs which are more harmful crimes. The artist Andrew Gillman and his group members of the crew name DPM are sentence to two years in prison for this art work. The art work of Gillman and his crew is being recognized by the New York gallery in an exhibition. The picture shows, the inspiration of the group and what they drew in this case spray painted about a specific problem protesting against England surveillance society, with the painting being feet’s away from a real CCTV camera. There are many good painting and artist thanks to graffiti but is still considered a crime because the artist are vandalizing private or public property. Graffiti is also considered a crime because it vandalizes the town and cost money to the city and uses tax payers dollars to get rid of the art work. The article by Arifa Akbar and Paul Vallely says that graffiti artist Bob was involved in it since 1982 when he a teen and now works for the London art gallery; Bob was able to accomplish this because of his graffiti skills. As you can see graffiti has plenty of nice art work but we live in a world where graffiti is still considered a crime.

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