Corridos is a type of music, is famous poetry and narrative songs. Its native language is Spanish, corridos come from a Mexican origin. This category of music is often based on daily life and most of the time they talk about drugs and the Mexican cartel. How Mexican cartels are looked up to by some people and how there portrayed as heroes, corridos often tell a story their instrumental music is like European waltz. Some of the major themes of corridos are drug trafficking, migrant labor and immigration. There majorly composed to men but there’s certain ones that are composed for women as well. A lot of people protest about the language that’s use in corridos. There illegal in Mexico because of the explicit content and messages that they expose out to the audience. I don’t think they should be illegal because they educated people in a way because it shows you what you shouldn’t do because if you do it this will happen. Show what people shouldn’t do. I really think that corridos aren’t a crime is more like a form of art in the way that it’s a song based on the life of an individual. And there not always bad they as well tell stories about people struggling in order to have a better future but instead they end up dying. Corridos are interesting to listen at.

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