For my reverse consumption project in Art and Crime, I chose to play off the body image depicted with dolls. There is no question these dolls influence what young children, especially girls, believe about what a proper body image is. As you can see, I chose to “mock” (for lack of a better word) Dora – if you have seen a Dora doll, you’ve seen that she doesn’t fit the stereotypical image. She’s short, sorta pudgy, and has short arms and legs with a cute round belly – exactly what kids are SUPPOSED to look like. Unfortunately, Barbies are often the image conjured up when we think of dolls – too often, this is what young girls think too. To highlight this dichotomy, I placed a cardboard scale under her feet, and moved her to the Barbie section. This way, it was obvoius that Dora was “being put on blast”, as my boyfriend put it. She was being compared to the other dolls, as they were placed next to each other, and was highlighted for not fitting in with every other dolls. I would have liked to take a picture of her next to the other dolls, but I was far too nervous – learned a lesson for next time I try to make the public think!

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