Sorry the pictures are so big. Anyways, for my reverse consumption project I went to Charlotte Russe and purchased the least inexpensive t-shirt I could find, I am a broke college student after all. I then wanted to go to Target and put the shirt in the women’s clothing section and see if anyone would take the shirt to the register and as what to do about it. However, as I was talking to the cashier about my project idea she told me that if that happens in their store, they donate it to Goodwill. That was not what I wanted to happen to the t-shirt that I bought. So, as I was walking around Target figuring out what to do with the shirt I decided to write a little note on the tag, and place it into a backpack, telling the future owner to have a free blouse on a stranger. Unlike most projects, mine was adding something positive to an item rather than taking away from it or deconstructing it.

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