Street Art in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artists such as DS 13 and Alex TMT are using street art in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to talk about socio-political issues. Yogyakartra is a city of students, culture and art with many movements going on. The street artists work individually or in groups to create vibrant works that respond to daily situations as well as to the social and political environments in Indonesia. While some of the works criticize the government, for the most part, the street art conveys positive messages. Some of the street art is even part of exhibitions. It is interesting to see how something that used to be seen as criminal has become a mainstream form of art that has been removed from the gallery and inserted into people’s lives. I think that the street art in Indonesia brings the city to life and adds a rich dynamic to the city. To me, what is happening in Indonesia represents the convergence of art and crime as well as the transformation of crime into art.

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