Now, this is the article where crime and art definitely overlap. “Crime, prevention and security in the arts – tips from the experts” is a piece I found on the Cultural Professionals UK News Website, written by Matthew Caines. Caines discusses that “crime prevention is all about identifying the threats, understanding the risks, remaining vigilant, developing local partnerships.” This in turn, he describes the art of crime that takes place within the context of the arts. Are you following? He illustrates the different ways to see the artistry in detecting crimes such as identifying whether the person is a “buyer, artist, tourist, art enthusiast and potential undesirable” similar to the way artists analyze their potential work, whether it will be a poem, live performance, painting, or scultpure (Caines). But, there is more than just detecting who is the person, but also being prepared. In detecting crimes, it is having vigilant security, 24 hour video surveillance camera, back ups, and so much more. Much the same as being prepared for an artwork, you need your materials, muse, inspiration, and studio. Although, I believe that Caines did not explicitly write this article for the mere enjoyment of trying to say that there is art in finding crime, but, I do believe that it is what it could turn out to be. I find this article interesting and very parallel to artists and their skills they must have in order to have a good artwork.

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