The question that will constantly pop in your head when you are watching the play, “Crime and Pun-ishment: A Mobster Murder Mystery.” A play where you get to feel like you are part of the scenes while provided a three course meal, where you are trying to discover the answers yourself, and where you get to find the answer to your question of “Who’s the Murderer.” The play is placed in the 1920’s “ganster-land. On the website it claims to “Prepare to enter Mafia Don Lou Zar’s Speakeasy, where there are plenty of gangsters, flappers, and freshly bootlegged drinks! Beware: of the many shady characters about, murder is on the mind of one of them.” However, the Murder Mystery Company not only advertises plays that are popular, but also offers you to “Host your Own Party” where you can plan out the mystery and have your guests running around to figure it out. I have heard of these parties before, but never have I heard of an actual company helping you produce the party of the century, or in this case the party for the dead. Although, this post is different then what the previous posts have been about, I do believe this does fall in line for the archive. It is a creative way to bring in crime, just what art is and crime, well crime is the murder itself. So, if you ever want to have a “different” type of evening with your friends and it is not during the Halloween month where you can scare your friends, then plan a party with the help of the Mobster Murder Mystery to come and give your friends a night they will remember, or a night they want to forget.

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