I find this image very beautiful and an incredible art form, yet many people may believe this is a complete act of vandalism. I do not think all graffiti art is beautiful but at the same time much of it is. I do not agree with breaking the law but it is nice to see art being expressed by individuals when it is not ugly gang signs or bad graffiti. In this graffiti art it is a beautiful artwork that makes the wall better and is accepted because of the quality of the work. We see graffiti being painted over all the time, so what makes graffiti art untouchable. What makes someone say, even though this is illegal, it is too beautiful to paint over?

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One thought on “Graffiti Art

  1. I think graffiti can be ugly but big beautiful pieces like this bring culture and vibrance to a city. It creates an environment and a scenery that gives people to remember it by and for tourists to visit. It brings people to the city and encourages them to look around the city and stores while they’re here. It’s a form of advertisement artform that most people don’t consider when they see graffiti. I think it should be encouraged as long as it provides beauty and interest. Although beauty is subjective, beautiful colors and moments captured can easily be chosen over vulgar words and uncomfortable images.

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