Article: National Report of Bansky’s arrest: A few weeks ago an article was published stating that the famous street artist Bansky had been arrested after a “24-hour Anti Graffiti Task Force” caught a suspicious group of 5 people leaving a scene of vandalism. They then claimed that they found a passport and ID that matched one of the unidentified people and claimed that this Paul Horner was the one and only Bansky. Fans of Bansky were out raged and shared the “Bansky Arrested” story over 200,000 times on Twitter and Facebook. They claimed that there were worse criminals out there and they were infuriated that the police would go after Bansky. Come to find out, the article was a hoax, similar to the one that had happened the year before. This leads to the questions: Why were people so affected by the arrest of Bansky? How much of Bansky’s allure comes from the fact that his identity is unknown and how would knowing who he is change his artwork? Do you think that the police should crack down on graffiti and street art? And finally, what would motivate someone to make up an article about Bansky’s arrest?

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