Modern Rap Music Condoning Rape and Violence Against Women

In Rick Ross’ lyrics in the song You Don’t Even Know It, he mentions drugging and raping a woman. Even though this caused a huge scandal and had a few repercussions for Rick Ross, there was no real debate or change in how rappers rap about women. This form of art in recent years has become more and more degrading and violent towards women. Another example of crimes towards women being glorified in rap lyrics is when Jay-Z references Ike Turner slapping Tina Turner because she won’t eat the cake that he is trying to feed her. These artists, although briefly called out for their poor artistic choices in lyrics, continue to promote violent crimes against women. What is concerning about this issue is that these songs influence society in these negative ways. Recently, in everyday conversations the word “rape” is used as even a joke like “that test just raped me” after a student might take a hard test. Is it possible that there is a connection in this insensitivity in rap lyrics and the insensitivity in popular discourse? Is society becoming accustom to these strong words of violence?

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