Are Latinos “real Americans”?

The immigration laws and policies that have been set fourth by the Trump administration have created greater tensions between American citizens nationwide. Those who support President Trump’s ideas and policies of building the wall and excluding any sort of Mexican or Latino to cross into the states have totally forgotten the principles that this county was built on. It’s important to know and consider that this country was created by immigrants predominately from a European background but it’s just as important to realize and accept the fact that the demographics of immigration have changed.

Just because you come from a Latino background doesn’t make you less of an American and that is because when you take into consideration that most of the southwestern portion of the U.S. was once under Mexican control. Therefore those who have crossed into the states for a better life shouldn’t be deemed any lesser than those who have been here for decades. Ultimately the point of this post is spread awareness that being considered an American shouldn’t be viewed as just one specific culture and kind because being American is being different in your own way to create a common identify that others can feed off and vice versa. Lets stop trying to focus on one group as the dominate group but more into the idea of that the more groups the better off we can be.

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Anthony Toscano

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