Prostitution and Happy Endings. A woman is faced with debt, single- parenthood, mounting bills, and more after her husband leaves her without notice. She struggles and manages to survive with the help of her family, friends, and new job as a massage therapist at a parlor called “The Rub” where a special group of high rolling men get put on a “Client List” for happy endings. With the struggle of single parenthood becoming more common these days the show is relatable, sexy, and addictive. Where people judge those who work in prostitution and fantasy this show makes you second guess that when the main character,Riley, continually argues that everything she is doing she is doing for her kids. The sacrifices of a single woman trying to keep her kids world stable while she’s seemingly balancing the weight of the world on her shoulders makes it harder to judge her.While the show does highlight the struggles, shame, and pain that Riley and others go through because of their work and the dangers she’s facing from the law, it also highlights the perks of designer bags, big tips, and sexy confidence. It appears, for the most part, victimless. So does this show glamorize prostitution? Or is it help the audience gain an inside look into a world that most of us see as taboo in hopes of letting us become less judgmental against it?

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