The Netflix TV series,13 Reasons Why, based on a book by Jay Asher has recently became the most talked about show on social media. It tells the story of a teen girl who committed suicide and taped the 13 reasons why on cassette tapes which are given to those she blames for her death. The main character who is currently listening to the tapes is suggested to have either depression or anxiety and is prone to panic attacks. After watching the show you expect him to have done something horrible to be included in the tapes, but he seems to be the girl’s one regret, not a contributor to her death. While teen suicide is a subject that everyone should be more educated on and bullying has become more criminal, I wonder if through entertainment is truly appropriate. Suicide Awareness Organizations have criticized the show for romanticizing suicide, and after watching the show I have to agree that it does seem to martyr the dead teen. So is this show helping educate us or is it contributing to the problem and should the entertainment industry be taking on subjects such as teen suicide in this way? Link for news article:

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