Nationwide Confederate Statue Controversy

Native American activist in the state of California are on a mission to tear down statues that celebrate the goals and achievements of Confederate leaders. The most recent case came from the small town of Arcata, California located in the northern part of the state. In the main city plaza there is a statue of President McKinley who in the eyes of Native Americans is responsible for the suffering of their people.

With a reservation located 20 miles south of Arcata you can only imagine the controversies that occur on a daily as the Native Americans avoid the main city plaza because they want nothing to do with a figure that tried to destroy their history. Ultimately City Council voted to remove the statue of President McKinley.

With the fact that it’s a nationwide effort to tear down such statues that are offenses to Native Americans, do you believe it’s fair and just for other ethnicity’s and cultures to have deal with such monuments that threaten their existence? Do you see the future of the American culture ultimately having to scale down on celebrating their achievements for the sake of peace in the country?

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Anthony Toscano

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