Your offline actions and beliefs can cause you to lose your verified statues on Twitter

As technology evolves and social media becomes a greater aspect in our everyday lives is it okay to censor and limit the tweets of individuals that cause great controversy to the entire American public? Although Twitter has been known to block controversial tweets and suspend the accounts of those who post them they have gone a little bit farther in their actions to protect their company and have decided that your actions offline are just important as those when you are tweeting. Those with verified accounts are known responsible for acting right in public because if you get caught doing or saying something that causes trouble your account can be in jeopardy.

With these new policies do you believe Twitter is somewhat violating the first amendment rights of their verified users as they can be punished for expressing their beliefs and thoughts offline? Although the company is looking to protect their own back is it justifiable for them to implement these new policies because they necessarily don’t agree with someones viewpoint on specific topics?

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Anthony Toscano

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