The downside of positive stereotypes in America

Every culture has their stereotypes ranging from the far fetched negative comments about the groups failures to the praising of their abilities. The most noticeable one’s I come across are the “hard-working Latino”, the “intelligent Asian”, and the “athletic African American”. Although they are set to set a positive imagine about the group you got to understand that not everyone have these abilities that they are expected to have because of their race and ethnicity. Those who don’t meet those standards of excellence of the stereotype they are portrayed in are deemed as losers and failures to there own culture which can only cause hate and negative consequences. Instead of expecting everyone to meet the demands of the stereotype we should focus more on the achievements of the individual because everyone has a different path they take to reach their goals. Therefore if we would eliminate these stereotypes either positive or negative ones in American culture do you believe crime would decrease between different cultures?

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Anthony Toscano

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