Is free speech dead?
We are truly living in interesting times-we are finding out more than we ever imagined; and our ability to communicate is far beyond anything we have ever dreamed up to this point.
It seems to me that our discussions devolve into shouting matches-name calling of all kinds; this group isn’t allowed to criticize that group; own group preference is the order of the day.
If we cannot have good, honest discussion, then how are we going to make good policy?
Is the concept of free speech and the “marketplace of ideas” dead?
If no one can stand criticism, then how are we, as a species, supposed to grow?
It seems to this student that people are not interested in having a discussion-they want to win an argument. Part of the blame for this is our media-we almost never see a civil discussion on television or on the radio-it’s all about shouting the other side down. Name-calling and shaming language are the order of the day and we aren’t really communicating.
Some groups seem to want to eliminate any form of free speech because they can’t deal with the criticism. Is this really the way our species needs to go?

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