This male in front is a high school acquaintance of mine who now attends SDSU. Behind him stands a highly opinionated religious protestor. This photo appeared on my facebook news feed and saw he commented on it stating, “he was basically a super fundamental Christian. I tried offering him a taco, but he didn’t want it because it had been touched by a gay person.” Overall I feel that this photograph generally speaks for itself. While none of the activity in this photo is understood to be “illegal,” it is rather the feeling that this photograph brings to a viewer that defines its “criminality.” While this protestor is given the right to preach his beliefs openly on campus, one cannot help but feel that this scene is “wrong.” I found it interesting that this acquaintance of mine craftily presented himself in front of this man, dancing around in his underwear. While his activity is a fundamental right as a US citizen, he is still toying with its limitations and disrupting the normality of everyday life.

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