Can we talk about the 7-year-old boy called “little Hitler”?

A 7-year-old boy and his parents are being accused by the public and the media of being racists and discriminators. We are talking about a 7-year-old boy, A KID, who doesn’t really understand much about politics. The reason behind is that the kid decided to set up a hot chocolate stand with the purpose of raising money for the “so wanted” border wall that President Trump wants to build. I won’t discuss my political view on this topic, and I won’t discuss what I think is right or wrong, everyone has their different and personal opinion. But, what I will discuss is the fact that people, adults, “mature” people, are judging, criticizing and throwing dirt comments at a little kid who has probably no real idea of the situation and has been influenced by the political views of his parents. The fact that people do not have any conscience of what they can be causing to this kid is scary. I know the majority doesn’t agree with Trump’s ideas but that’s not the point in here. Also, lets be honest, the money raised won’t even go to the wall. Although the parents claim they’re going to make sure that the money is used for the wall there is a legal process that needs to be followed. Sure, they can donate the money to the government however those donations do not go toward a specific project. Adults need to be more realistic and mature when reaction to a kid who is only 7 years old and has no clue of what his hot chocolate stand could provoke to the audience. Also, parents should have taken more precautions and legal authorization to prevent any attacks against the kid or themselves, since all of the family has received multiple negative responses against them.

I will provide the link of a video where everything is explained more detailed. This post was just a response on how I felt after reading about this situation.

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