The Bride sits across from her former lover. The hunt for the past four years is over. The man tries to penetrate the bride with his long, sharp sword. They seem to be at an impasse, for they both can’t get what they want. That’s when she strikes: The five point palm exploding heart technique shatters the man’s heart, yet seems to restore his love and pride for her.

Audiences surely remember this movie moment in Kill Bill Volume 2. In one of the best Quentin Tarantino movies the main character finally kills Bill. Yet, this wasn’t supposed to be the final installment of the series. There was supposed to be a Volume 3, where the little girl, whose mom Beatrix Kiddo killed in the opening scenes of Kill Bill Volume 1, get’s revenge on Beatrix.

This installment likely isn’t to happen, however. One of the things revealed in the #METOO movement is how Weinstein predated upon Uma Thurman. On top of which, she was involved in a car accident on set and Tarantino covered it up. It was only years after the movie came out that Uma Thurman revealed both.

As a fan of the movie, I am presented with a dilemma. On the one hand, I despise the mistreatment towards the cast by both the director and producer. I completely understand why Uma Thurman has never since worked on a movie with Tarantino. Yet, on the selfish hand, I want to see what was planned to be the final installment made.

As human beings, how can we feel anger and empathy for those wronged, yet at the same time want them to override their raw emotions to please society? At what point do we expect them to reconcile with past criminal behaviors that affected them and expect them to do our bidding? While Kill Bill Volume 3 may never happen for obvious reasons, I still hope that the movie will be made.

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Armin Delic

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