Do tattoos indicate the personality of the person

Tattoos today are more common now than they were in the history of tattoos. Today, we can se kids starting at 16, with the consent of their parents, getting their first tattoos. Even then, the yo get one you more than lay want another. But do the number of tattoos or having tattoos in general dictate the kind of person you are? Tattoos have such a negative correlation because of the bad attention they get from people associating someone with several tattoos or certain tattoo like sleeves or face tattoos with being affiliated with a gang.

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Kirlus Moawad

2 thoughts on “Do tattoos indicate the personality of the person

  1. I do think it interesting how people perceive you based on your appearance. When I was growing up I viewed people with tattoos as tough or intimidating, and sometimes even bad. I now have 3 visible tattoos and the connotation in my mind behind them is very different. However, I wonder how people see me or what they think when they see them? My own mother cried when I got my second one, and I thought she was on the progressive end of things like this.

  2. Great topic Kirlus,
    As a person with a lot of tattoos, I definitely have to agree with you that once you get one tattoo you become pretty hooked, although I’m sure there is a population of people who can sit through their first tattoo than never return for another “punishment ” again, because they are so painful, some like that pain and some people will never put themselves through it intentionally ever.
    The question regarding tattoos being only for gangsters is purely cultural and I’d like to think that in the Japanese culture that “gangster stigma” has dissipated but I’m sure it still stands with moderate backing.
    Thanks for the article post!

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