Is it wrong for a beauty guru to use a darker shade foundation?

There is currently an ongoing controversy on Twitter happening after someone posted a video about a day ago regarding a beauty make up artist by the name Amy Malcedo for using a darker shade foundation than her skin tone. This sparked an outage from the Twitter community, particularly POC who claims that this is an act bordering blackface.

Blackface historically was “a form of theatrical make up used for non-black performers to represent a caricature of black people.” Now this action is seen as a racist move.

The artist claims that the shade she is using in the video is a shade she uses when she had a tan. Twitter community tweeted that even though they get an artificial tan, it is almost never that much darker than their normal skin tone.

A lot of influencers and celebrities like Ariana Grande have also made their skin tone significantly darker to take part of American black culture. Pretty ironic.

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Vanissa Tsang

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