The people who practice graffiti are the new referents of a generation that no longer easily believes in politicians or government representatives. Graffiti, in addition to being a means of expression, could be said that it is a weapon that fights with our past. In addition, people think that Graffiti goes hand in hand with tattoos, with a style of clothing, with only one social class, however, the people who practice it can be from any social class, they are only people who express their feelings in a different way. way that is not well seen by society. Every day our city dawns more painted, the police will do something about it, I don’t think so, since the graffiti artists can avoid the police very easily, if they are caught, they never miss biting or running away.

Although the main objective of graffiti is the need to express something, the search for recognition, get out of anonymity, leave a mark on our passage through planet Earth. But graffiti in general is competition, it’s something that everyone is attracted to, they want to have more. “let’s see who paints more”, “let’s see who does it better”, “let’s see who paints in the highest place”. In Mexico, there are many people who like graffiti, but that graffiti has a special theme, something with more depth, not a simple doodle. There are people who prefer to agree to have the wall of their house painted.

It is clear that the design of a graffiti with its stylized forms and characteristics of a street art, which may seem strange to many eyes, but that is not why it is considered unpleasant to look at, since it attracts the visual attention of many. Those lines and strokes that take shapes with multiple colors who are the protagonists of fascinating designs on a wall, represent the second element that, at least in my opinion, attracts the attention of the observer. innumerable times I have found myself admiring the graffiti in the city with the intention of seeing which ones are better and also with the intention of learning by observing them to one day make one myself, since the way they are drawn is attractive to me , the colors, the expression, what this graffiti can transmit to me and transmit to me only with the way in which it is designed, since it is clear that the strokes contribute to a great extent to accentuate the traits of the author’s personality since what is interesting about graffiti it doesn’t end just in the way the lines compose it; the author’s psychological profile is also written in graffiti; This is because we can feel identified with the design and this is how graffiti begins to generate a deeper feeling of liking than the one that only aesthetics produces in us.

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  1. It is definitely interesting to consider all the different mediums that can be used to express oneself through art. In this case, when we begin to look at and analyze graffiti as an art form there are many other components to the painting or message they are trying to express. It is unfortunate that graffiti has such a bad stigma because I believe people often associate it with gang members, which are seen as somewhere ‘ghetto’. I think it is also with mentioning that there is a reoccurring pattern of these aft forms to be seen in more minority, lower-income neighborhoods. In contrast, higher socioeconomic neighborhoods are more “safe” and aesthetically pleasing to the eye because they look more put together and tidy. Seeing that most graffiti is seen in lower-income areas, goes to show that those are the people who want to make a change and be able to express themselves in whatever manner they want and not just go along with what everyone else agrees to like in those fancier neighborhoods.

  2. I think that like any other kind of artwork, graffiti can be a way to express themselves. It is not necessarily recognized as a conventional way of artwork, which is why it can bring so negative thoughts associated with it. I think that there is instantly the assumption that it is related to gang activity, which is not the case for everyone. I think there are ways around this and I’m glad that my university has a place for people to be able to express themselves. They simply paint over it after a period of time to allow for others to do the same. Other cities pay artist to paint murals, which also helps move that negativity away from graffiti and street art.

  3. Graffiti is a form of urban art that offers artists a unique platform for self-expression. It provides an avenue to break free from conventional artistic norms and explore creativity in a vibrant and unfiltered manner. I believe graffiti artists have the ability to reclaim public spaces and make their voices heard.

  4. In addition to being a form of self expression, graffiti also originated as a way to protest against the rapid urbanization of our cities. Many neighborhoods were being rapidly developed and were forcing the current residents out of their homes because they could no longer make rent. The number of billboards and advertisements were rising in these neighborhoods and the local street artists felt as though their work is no different that those signs. Since its origin, street art has been used as a political tool to advertise and critique the urbanization around us.

  5. I think graffiti look somewhat bad in a neighborhood if it’s not your walls you should not paint them. If you want to express yourself you should just get a piece of paper draw on that.

  6. Graffiti can be a great form of self expression and I feel it can be representative of the current social climate. I feel that graffiti often gets a bad rep and people often associate it with gang culture. However, the narrative surrounding it should shift and be recognized as the creative art outlet that it is.

  7. This post brings up some really interesting ideas regarding graffiti culture. I think graffiti often looks cool and I am glad people are expressing themselves with art, but there must be some control. The defacement of public property is not the solution, and there has to be other options.

  8. Graffiti has a profound social impact, albeit one that varies across different parts of the world. In some regions, graffiti is considered an act of artistic expression, used to convey political messages, challenge authority, or reclaim public spaces. It can serve as a form of activism, amplifying marginalized voices and highlighting social issues. In these contexts, graffiti is often celebrated as a vibrant and dynamic art form that adds cultural value to communities. However, in other parts of the world, graffiti is seen as vandalism and associated with crime and degradation. The perception of graffiti varies due to cultural, legal, and historical factors. While some cities embrace street art, providing designated spaces for artists to showcase their talent legally, others employ strict measures to deter graffiti. Ultimately, the social impact of graffiti hinges on the local context, with differing attitudes and responses shaping its role in urban landscapes around the world.

  9. Graffiti has always been an interesting and fascinating thing to see inside different cities. I agree that the art itself feels like the person is expressing themselves, and is giving a message that they want others to see and give thought to. I’ve also found some graffiti to be something that defines the specific parts of the city itself, and can give people who come across it an image of the cities environment or history.

  10. I feel like inherent in the artistic themes of graffiti are sentiments regarding the establishment. A lot of people say that we should preserve graffiti, and even some artists like banksy have their art displayed in museums, or even art auctions. But I think this defeats the purpose of the art – a big part of the message is the crime, the part where someone doesn’t want you to put your art there – whether because of vandalism, or because of the actual message in the art, but regardless, I think this is a kind of a dying art form, as anti-establishment mentality becomes more and more mainstream.

  11. I have seen how when people notice more graffiti they will probably assume that it is a less safe neighborhood. Graffiti is often used to park gang territory, so in that case it can often be a warning that you probably shouldn’t be alone there at night. The city of Riverside has included graffiti in their project to beautify it. They are paying graffiti artists to paint murals and express themselves on the sides of bodegas and warehouses. From my experience driving around the city recently, these murals are very uplifting and express who Riverside is as a city.

  12. I agree. I do really think graffiti is an art and that being able to express yourself in any way or form is really great. Obviously, sometimes when I see graffiti, it is pretty easy to know what is trying to be expressed. However, sometimes there are some pieces of art that are really thought-provoking and make me wonder what is trying to be said. And furthermore, when I see graffiti, I typically see it covering something hateful, so it is super interesting that this art covers something hurtful.

  13. The graffiti topic is interesting. It somehow always is associated with crime. Considering it being illegal in California, there are many around different buildings around downtown San Diego and even around La Jolla area. Most of them are just words and some are drawings. Personally I enjoy seeing the beautiful artworks around, not so much towards the letters or some explicit languages. I’ve also seen some cute graffiti to cover some not so pretty objects on the streets or something. Those ones bring me joy when I see them. I think there should be a limit of graffiti of what can be drawn and what can’t. And people can get permit of doing so. I think people would like to see some beautiful artworks around the city, adds a little scenery. But definitely not on private buildings.

  14. I think the topic of graffiti is an interesting one because I believe most people, despite their feelings about graffiti, tend to admire the artistry of some of it, at least occasionally. Typically, when I see graffiti, I began to think about who may have done it and what message they were trying to send.

    1. I agree with you! Whenever I see graffiti, I always wonder about the story behind it. Now, some graffiti is pretty obviously stated, but others make me stand there and think about what is trying to be expressed. I think it is a very good expression of oneself and one’s art, and I can totally understand that graffiti is art.

  15. As mentioned, the art firm of graffiti is very different compared to oil painting or acrylic or watercolor, Since graffiti is considered to the “normal” forms or art style, many people can view it as a disturbance or messy because people associate this with negative things such as gang life. I believe that graffiti expresses a sort of freedom that can’t be seen through the restraints of other art styles. This can also fall in ways that individuals live their life in everyday scenarios. The way that the liquid paint drips into other parts of the image can represent just how interconnected life can be in all aspects that are constantly there.

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