YOLO!! No for real, You only live once, don’t die for a squirtle

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the Pokemon Go app (I have seen and talked to more people outside in the last month than the last year). What I am not a fan of is blatant stupidity, idiocy- despite its inherent consequential tendency toward those who employ it- should be illegal. No matter how much you want to believe different, the things that you physically interact with on your phone are only glass, plastic, and light. There is no reason for a person of sound mind to be so enthralled with a false world- induced by glass, plastic, and light- that they bring actual harm to themselves or others. People have already fallen off of cliffs, been mugged, stabbed, trapped in caves, what’s next?

The app even begins with a warning to be aware of your surroundings, stop this incessant detriment to society, please. Take thirty seconds or so every five minutes, lock the screen on your phone, and look around to see where you physically are in the world. In that thirty seconds, take quick note of any possible catastrophes, anyone lurking or watching more intently than a Poke-observer, what neighborhood you’re in, and then most important listen to any feeling you have that something very bad could happen. Don’t go to that lure (real and virtual) where no one else is, and it’s too dark to see if there are others around, use what is ironically referred to as common sense. Don’t give potential criminals more reason or opportunity to commit a crime.

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