Animal hunting an art or barbaric act?

There are many differing views on the subject of animal hunting, with hunters seeing it as a form of art and PETA protestors perceiving it as barbaric. Those who are for hunting, say that it is a form of art because of the skills and techniques that it requires hunters to catch their game.The animals’ body parts such as their fur, tusks, etc which are popular among tourists, are often times show cased or sold for profit. For the most part, hunting is legalized in may parts of the world, but there are places such as Canada where gaming is forbidden and illegal. The reason why hunting is criminalized in some parts of the world is to prevent the extinction of certain species. Also there is the issue with animal cruelty which advocate groups such as PETA greatly oppose. Although places like Canada place several laws against hunting wildlife, it is not always strictly regulated and hunters/poachers would still hunt animals illegally.

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