In this photo you can see the many tattoos that lil wayne and many other people seem to have. Many associate the teardrop tattoo under one’s eye as having killed a person. The number of tears depend on how many victims you have had. The tear drop originated from the prison system and for some it also means that one has been incarcerated. The tear drop can also mean that you have sexually dominated another prisoner. The tear drop tattoo has been around for many years and it has become somewhat of a fad because at times it has been used by many “wanna be’s” and kids that do not even know the meaning of it. Many criminals and gangsters get tattoos of symbols, letters, and words that say where they are from or what group they belong too. While some may see this as a form of “banging” the people with these tattoos may see them as a form of pride or art work. While they may think it is art work many in society oppose this and refuse to hire people with certain tattoos. Although tattoos are becoming more socially accepted there are certain tattoos that depict a negative connotation and will always be stigmatized.

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