The Broadway play Bonnie & Clyde…crime or art???

In CJ 302, we recently talked about what is cultural criminology. It is basically the collective meaning of norms, art, and entertainment with interation with crime. We, as a society, are obessed with crime so we continue to make different forms of it in order to create entertainment for ourselves and make money, although the things we are exploiting are illegal. Many of us are familiar with the story about Bonnie and Clye. Their story has become a broadway play, a movie, halloween costumes, and more and more couples refer to their relationships as Bonnie and Clyde. But in fact this infamous couple took part in illegal acts such as murder, robbery, and gang affiliation. The different things that came from this story, somewhat gloifies their actions. So is a broadway play and movie about committing criminals acts art, or is it just a crime in itself as well?

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