The Corridos are popular narrative songs and poetry form from Mexico. These songs are often about oppression, history, daily life of someone who is or was involved in the Mexican Cartel. However, this type of music is illegal in Mexico due to the explicit content on the lyrics of these songs. Based in my opinion I think that these songs should not be illegal because it tells a story of what people shouldn’t do due to the consequences that it has when you are involved in the cartel, from having your family being killed because of being involved in that scenario and people should learn from those corridos so they don’t make the same mistakes those people did. I believe that it’s a form of art instead of a crime because it’s just a story-telling about an individual who made bad decisions in his life and people should learn from it. Most of these songs are about people who are poor and just can’t make it and they enter the cartel to start gaining easy money, but what they don’t really know is how bad that decision will end their lives at one point or another.

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