Bathroom Stall Mischief and Messages

When choosing a bathroom stall, maybe I’m the only one but I definitely prefer a stall covered in marker. Tagging gives bathroom artwork a bad rep as “graffiti”. The beauty of the bathroom stall is that no individual artist gets credit for their own work. Instead, it all adds up collectively to create a culture of a specific stall, usually by building off of one person’s original piece. The art can be good, the art can sometimes seem rushed. Putting the marker to the wall listening to make sure no one around you can hear the screech of the marker requires confidence. Most of the messages are immature, some can be very powerful. These pictures were taken from the library at San Diego State, the artwork has a lot to do with the location of the stall. No one goes through the effort of providing their addition unless they feel it has meaning. Thus, though many deem it as graffiti, bathroom stall artwork is another timeless example of art through crime.

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