David Choe is an artist who is particularly known for a whale that he spray paints on the sides of streets. He made a movie called Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe, and above I have included an unofficial trailer for the movie. The trailer explains that David Choe is not a traditional artist because he doesn’t do a lot of preparation for his art but instead creates whatever he feels like creating, wherever he feels like creating it — This is known as his “dirty style”. One of the quotes from this video is, “David’s genius is somewhat about being a bad boy”. David’s way of creating art leads him into a criminal life in which he ends up being arrested in Japan. His art is influenced by things in his life and he is known by his fans to be a great artist, but this way of life leads him to be criminalized. After serving time in prison and realizing that everything he does in his life is illegal, David decides he cannot live his life that way any more. I think this is a really interesting story because for David, art and crime were his whole life and they were not separated. I think it would have been hard for him to figure out how to still be an artist without living a criminal life any more.

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