Atheists and Evangelists in Balboa Park

There is no taking a nice peaceful stroll through Balboa Park without being questioned about your religious beliefs. December Nights, one of Balboa Park’s biggest attractions bring in thousands of people, many with their kids. And every year right in front of the walking bridge, stands some man atheist or evangelist with posters and a megaphone yelling something. Signs in bold print read anywhere from “Jesus loves you” to “You’re going to hell.” Balboa Park is allowing these groups to congregate so long as they are not selling things, but it’s much more of a disturbance of peace. These people obviously exert their freedom of speech, but to a family event? Preaching religious beliefs or lack of can be done in other, more peaceful ways. Article: “Atheists, Evangelists, and Prophets Take Over Balboa Park”

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