Artist Faustine Gau created this “Crime Scene Coffin” to enclose a body in the same chalk outline as it was found. This is a very controversial piece because it could be portrayed as clever and ironic, but could also cause emotional distress. I found the image on a variety of websites and each had it’s own opinion. Some were jokingly selling them and people were commenting, “I need this!” Others ranted about the logistics of this piece. Each unique person’s chalk line would need to be measured and a coffin specifically made. The parents would be reminded, even at the funeral, the cause of death and tragedy surrounding their child’s death. In these situations the structure, or the coffin is consistent. The agency, or an individual’s prior experience, is relative and creates differing opinions and feelings towards the piece. Does wanting this to be your coffin make you badass or naïve? How do you feel about the piece?

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