Posting Guns On Social Media Is Emotional In Nature And A Criminal Act For Some

There are consequences and an impact of taking a picture of a gun and then placing it on Tweeter or Facebook. At least for Brendan O’Connor in his article named “Here’s What Happens When You Post a Gun on Social Media and You’re Not Jeb” one can see he points at a politician, boys, girls, and law enforcement entities. An event that happen in September of 2013 is proof of such gun posts being a constant problem.

Is it a constant problem? For many it is because gun violence has been on the rise as well as its sales. When one places a gun picture on any social media that person should also know it could lead to some possible arrest. Maybe the way to solve that issue is to make people double think their actions in the long run. Brendan O’Connor own story is about people posting gun photos on social media like on Tweeter and Facebook just for the fun or for some kind of gain. The problem in the article is people posts are done just by the fact for feeling the trill of fear and pleasure without thinking of their risks. For example, Jeb Bush, who is the former governor of Florida once tweeted a gun photo of a “.45 caliber handgun with his engraved name on it.” The problem is that Bush has told many “He doesn’t own a gun,” which probably had law entities questioning such possession. When he posted such photo is also represents a lack of leadership. Specially since gun violence has been a hot topic lately in Florida and throughout the country. What would happen when police watch photos of guns being posted by boys on Instagram? Would they be charged with disorderly conduct? What about if the gun is not real, but a pellet, or Air-soft replica gun? What about if those “alike guns” are pointed to law enforcement entities? Most likely this problem will be solve by that individual been questioned or arrested. Just as with a girl from a middle school in Dallas, who posted a man with a gun that included the caption “everybody at t.w. Browne gone die.” In other words, she made a threat to her school by using the school initials and other wording. The result in this case was her being questioned by local police where she told them she just wanted to see how many followers she could get. That was her only crime. Was it a crime?

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Irvin C.

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