Graffiti and Vandalism

The art of graffiti has been portrayed for generations, with exquisite artworks displayed in public spaces, ranging from buildings, walls, or any other prominent surfaces. Graffiti is much like other forms of art, that involve drawing, painting, or sculpting, and typically one who forms such types of art strives to make their artwork accessible to the general public. Individuals who frequently practice graffiti are generally adolescents or in their early twenties, which justifies their restricted access to resources for advertising their art, leading them to rely on graffiti to display and promote their artwork. What differentiates graffiti from other forms of art is that it is a crime, most notably vandalism. Whereas one may be aware that vandalism can result in prison time and a substantial penalty, individuals continue to practice such acts. Graffiti is an artistic expression that has combined the struggle between art and crime, where graffiti can offer a creator the artistic freedom to publicize their work, yet it continues to damage public property, making it an illegal act.

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3 thoughts on “Graffiti and Vandalism

  1. I would first like to say I love the blunt one word comment “boring”. I chose to comment on this article because I am a senior and this is one of my last assignments ever and I am a little tired anddd the deadline is fast approaching. I agree this topic is pretty over done and the singular paragraph offers no nuance to the subject. Vandalism and graffiti, after reading this article I am unsure of the difference yet understanding of the consequences. Do police roll up to a Banksy piece in London and say, “Not today, this was obviously graffitied by one of the greats, he cannot be touched”? I am still curious to know what Banksy looks like and with such modern global technology how do we not have an image of his face? Or maybe his influence and power is able to wipe it off the internet? Rather than commenting on this article it opened up many questions that I doubt will be answered. I will be here tomorrow to see if there is a response, if not, in the famous words of Kanye “I guess we’ll never know…”

  2. This is an interesting take on graffiti. I think in some places, especially in San Diego the city is purposefully requested on buildings, to create a more culturally updated look for the city. It’s amazing that it is still a crime though.

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